Update: Sharing our research paper on ‘localising information practices’

We are very excited to share the first detailed look at our research results. Yesterday, our paper, Neighbourhood Book Exchanges: Localising Information Practices, was published in Information Research, an open access information studies journal. This paper discusses and contrasts some of the major themes observed in our study. We hope you’ll take a look.    

Another Vancouver book exchange. (But not one of the exchanges in our study.)

In this paper, we introduce a discussion of neighborhood book exchanges and their associated information practices. Our analysis of media articles revealed a singular and simplistic portrayal of neighborhood book exchanges. In contrast, our close investigation of six neighborhood book exchanges revealed a rich and varied reality. The exchanges in our study are grounded, local initiatives. Each exchange introduced new information practices to facilitate more social interactions in their neighborhood. But each exchange achieved it differently, depending on the neighbors who installed it and the neighborhood it was installed in.

With this paper, we hope to stimulate discussion regarding these book exchanges and the varied experiences of those who create and use them. We hope to complete more analysis and share more findings. But, from the beginning, this study has been a side project on a shoestring budget. So, it remains a matter of finding the time and tools to do it.

We’ll continue to be in touch as more becomes available.


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