Research Team

tenny-websterEric Tenny Webster completed an MLIS degree at UBC’s iSchool, Vancouver, where he brought together his love of books and social research to begin the Neighborhood Book Exchange (NooX) study. He co-presented the NooX Study as part of Research Day at the iSchool and co-authored an abstract and award-winning research poster for the iConference, 2013.  He also co-authored the paper, “Exploring Social Context in Mobile Information Behavior,” which will be published in the Association for Information Science and Technology  later this year. Currently, he resides in Durango, CO, where he continues research initiatives, and enjoys trail-running and rock-climbing.


Kathleen GollnerKathleen Gollner initiated the Neighborhood Book Exchange Study in 2012, while completing her MLIS at the UBC iSchool. She co-presented the NooX Study at the iConference and UBC iSchool’s Research Day in 2013, and continues to contribute to the research effort. This is her second major research project; while completing her undergraduate degree at McGill University, Kathleen contributed to research on the pre-publication process in science. She currently resides in Durango, CO. She tweets here and blogs here.