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Book exchange miscellany: Discerning NooX from its kin

Neighborhood book exchanges are only one flavor of book exchange in what seems to be an ever more popular alternative book economy. As a follow-up to our post where we explain how we define a neighborhood book exchange, this post explores some other book exchange flavors, and considers how neighborhood book exchanges are different.   […]
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Research methods: How we are investigating NooX

Since the spring of 2012, we have been designing and executing a study of neighborhood book exchanges. In this post, we describe the research methods used to investigate our motivating research question: “In the age of ubiquitous, mobile computing why are these decidedly offline, stationary boxes of print material generating so much interest?”     […]
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NooX definition: What is a neighborhood book exchange?

When we began our study, we were faced with the challenge of defining a ‘neighborhood book exchange’. A definition would establish the types of book exchanges we would include in our study. After considerable research and reflection, we developed a definition that captures the key features and factors that distinguish NooX from other book exchanges. […]
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